Redwoods and Climate Change Initiative
We need to know how trees have responded to past climate change and also how they are responding today.

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Data: State of California, NOAA, Save the Redwoods League, GreenInfo, ESRI, Bay Area Open Space Council, California Council of Land Trusts, U.S. Forest Service. Map produced by Save the Redwoods League using ESRI software. Map date: November 2011. Locations are approximate.

Anthony Ambrose

Photo by Peter Buranzon.

Save the Redwoods League

For more than 90 years, Save the Redwoods League has been dedicated to protecting the ancient redwood forests so all generations can experience the inspiration and majesty of redwoods. In 1850, there were nearly 2 million acres of ancient coast redwood forests in California. Today, less than 5 percent remains and faces threats from unsustainable logging practices, poorly planned development and global climate change. Since its founding in 1918, the League has completed the purchase of more than 190,000 acres of land.

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